Water Street Brewing in Port Townsend, WA

Strange Brewfest 12, the Mount Olympus of beer festivals
January 29-30, 2016

With each year, we consider both the honor and the achievement of presenting another edition of Strange Brewfest. On January 29-30, 2016, we will offer our 12th version of Port Townsend’s ode to NW brewers, and their imaginations.

12! The number is inspirational!

  • 12 drummers drumming
  • 12 signs of the zodiac
  • 12 months in a year
  • 12 hours of day
  • 12 hours of night
  • 12 Masonic signs of recognition
  • 12 knights at the round table
  • 12 disciples
  • 12 jurors
And, of course, The Twelves (GO HAWKS!)

Yes, to all of these things and more, but this year we see 12 as a heavenly, if not immortal symbol.

The 12 Olympians! The Greek Gods and Goddesses ruled the universe from high atop Mount Olympus. Zeus, Aphrodite, and their ethereal companions were afforded mythical powers, and inspired reverence from their mortal subjects. With your enlightened participation, we shall all reign atop the lofty perch of the peninsula with our patron deity, Dionysus, the god of wine, parties and festivals.

Please join us for 2 days in January when we celebrate 12 years, and amazing beers!

And the 2015 Winners were....

all from the Peninsula - Kingston, Silverdale and Gig Harbor!

As voted on with your tokens:
  1. 7 Seas Brewing
  2. Rainy Daze Brewing
  3. Downpour Brewing
As voted on by ballot, the winner of the Strangest Brew was awarded to 7 Seas Brewing for their 7 Bloody Seas!